Mircea Suciu – ‘89
When Mircea Suciu proposed this exhibition, I had remembered very clearly the moments from 1989. In Baia Mare, Mircea did not feel Ceauşescu’s last breath in the back of his neck like we did here, in Bucharest. He told me that everybody did hate him, but that killing him was a very brutal gesture. Mircea thinks that this moment, this gesture determined our post-revolutionary mind-setting and he wants to talk about this. He wants to remake the scene of the killing in the gallery, because the space of the gallery has magical powers, it makes anybody look more carefully. I totally agree with him. The image of the dead Ceauşescu couple became an icon full of meaning and symbolism. First, through this killing we gained our freedom. It is a symbolic patricide committed by the generation that followed the abortion-prohibition law from 1967. And secondly, the image of the two dead is more than just another embarrassing moment in our history; it is The Mass-Media Moment, the moment that formatted our expectations towards mass-media and its images.
Ceauşescu manages to become an icon only in death. What we are left with is this unearthly scene with them dead, looking like dogs. I still think they deserved every bullet, but I also think that that moment was a turning point for our minds and souls. I remember with shame…(Dan Popescu)