​Milan Salák – Guerilla
The term Guerilla, which Milan Salák has chosen as a title for his project, refers to a form of hidden, unconventional, and subversive leadership of a war in a direct coherence with a clearly profiled tendency in a sense o using “different means” in a political fight.
The project Guerilla has a longer genesis and many pre-steps, where the artist operates with a group of individuals. Salák’s “collection” consists of his close friends who are enlisted both from the artistic and school environment and from private “non-artistic” life. All of them are rendered life-sized and in majority of the cases there are single individuals. Economy and quick technique say much for the “conceptual” attitude to the realization of the paintings. Some parts are even left in “incompleteness”; in fact, the whole cycle came into being in a hectic rate of two fortnight’s “working terms”. The dominant visual position of the artist’s emphasis in all the paintings is put upon the depicted people’s clothes, in other words upon the author collection of camouflage clothes of different types and provenances.( Viktor Čech)