Artists: Alexandru Paul

​Alexandru Paul – Exhibition 
Alexandru Paul is hunting intimacies, or more precisely, he is photographing them. It has always been very clear to me that one of the most important reasons for taking photos is the utopian desire to capture that moment of pure happiness that we never seem to grasp. And this comes naturally to us. Whenever my girlfriend was feeling good she would take a picture, in an attempt to archive these moments. Intimacy and narcissism are key concepts here. Sandu is taking this project, titled Exhibition, to the limits of photographic minimalism. In other words, the concept is very simple: the persons pushing the button are the naked subjects of the photography. Nudity seems to be more sincere, so the people who agreed to participate in the project had to decide on the type of image that they wanted to communicate to the others. Sandu then arranged the pictures to form a labyrinth, which makes passing through like a series of little secrets that the people in the pictures share with you. It is an interesting experiment that tells a story about life imitating art or about the way in which the artist is present in his art if only through intention and display. (Dan Popescu)