Artists: Roman Tolici

​Roman Tolici - The Gospel according to Santa Claus

In the latest exhibition entitled like a Discovery Channel documentary, The Gospel of Santa Claus, Roman Tolici is showing a series of works which depict the story of the Gospel remixed in a strange way. The leading roles are played by The Easter Bunny and by Santa Claus! There is a Nativity scene were the Easter Bunny is held by a young girl, a Temptation were the Devil is a strange bunny with severed horns and serpent-like tongue, a Judas’ kiss that is also a self-portrait of the artist as Judas, a bunny that is bearing the cross, a Last Supper were the bunny is sitting alone after everyone has gone, a bunny with a thorn crown, a Crucifixion, a work that depicts the story of the doubting Thomas, and finally a sort of wacky Pieta with Santa Claus alias Roman Tolici holding the dead, crucified Easter Bunny. (Dan Popescu)